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DEMP - Gensets equipment - Oil monitoring


Welcome to A/S Danish Engineering & Marine Power - DEMP
DEMP was established in 1977. Since then, they have delivered more than 3,500 marine generating- and propulsion gen sets/plants to well-known shipyards.
Their large warehouse has more than 3,500 item numbers and they send urgent orders within 24 hours on working days.

A/S Danish Engineering & Marine Power was established in 1977. Since then, DEMP has delivered more than 3,500 marine generating- and propulsion gen sets/plants to well-known shipyards. Most of these gen sets/plants were exported worldwide.
DEMP has a close cooperation with many customers throughout the world regarding service and spare parts for MAN high-speed diesel engines.
DEMP is former Danish agent for MAN high-speed four stroke diesel engines in the marine market and at the same time also spare part distributor for Prestolite.
In 2004 DEMP transfer from the production of gensets but to aftersales of spare parts and service. Today DEMP is again able to offer gensets together with sales and support of spare parts. DEMP is also sub-supplier for other Danish genset builders.
The warehouse has more than 3,500 item numbers and they will be able to send urgent orders very quickly. Their response time is always very short, as they aim to have an answer within 24 hours on working days.
DEMP are always looking for expansion of their product portfolio within the marine area and expanded/broadened in 2018 with sales gas genset from RSE and Whisper Power marine generators. In 2015/2016 with sales of UV potable water treatment installations for ships and electrical preheaters for marine diesel engines.

Gensets equipment - Oil monitoring
DEMP are distributor for Tan Delta System in the Nordic countries and able to deliver and support the Oil Monitoring products based on the Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx).
The OQSx is a configurable oil condition monitoring sensor that can be easily installed on any equipment.

Installation basics
A wide range of optional equipment for the OQSX is available for read-out, logging and configuration of the oil condition. DEMP are ready to support their customers finding the best setup and installation of this sensor, so feel free to contact DEMP.
Short presentation on how it works

  • Large moving vehicles: such as +30 ton diggers and trucks operating in mines across the world. Each have multiple systems which rely on oil for safe and efficient operation and may require between 1 and 10 sensors.
  • Locomotives: huge engines and gear boxes drive commercial rail transportation. The cost of failure and maintenance is enormous and oil is critical to safe, reliable and efficient running.
  • Shipping: ships must operate autonomously for extended periods of time. They have a multitude of equipment, from the main engines to gear boxes and power generators. Water in the oil can quickly result in a major issue and equipment failure.
  • Power Generation: this includes standby grid power generators, gas reclamation power generators, wind turbines and electricity grid transformers. In all cases, the quality of oil is critical to safe and efficient operation and the cost of failure considerable.
  • Manufacturing: large gear boxes are used in manufacturing around the world. From stone crushers in mines and cement factories to automotive factories. All must operate as reliably as possible with minimal down time and rely on oil to do so.


Generators - Gas genset for landbased installations
RSE is one of the few gas engine manufacturers worldwide with a real focus on producing innovative gas engines. Unlike many other manufacturers in this segment, RSE exclusively specializes in gas engines.
Today is RSE already manufacturing the fourth generation of our ENERGIN© engine series, which consists of 6, 8 and 12 cylinders V-engines. All are equipped with turbochargers and 4-valve cylinder heads. Our focus is on achieving the highest electrical efficiency in our power range.
The engines are manufactured tailor made as per project related and are suitable for the following fuels:
• Natural gas
• Liquid gas
• Mine and landfill gas
• Biogas
• LNG und CNG
• Synthetic gas
• Sewage gas
• Wood gas
• Flare gas
Other poor gas fuels can also be used by RSE gensets upon a gas analysis of the gas to be used.

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